Sample Letter of Support for the US Highway 27 Ecopassage

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For supplementary information, please refer to the Lake Jackson Aquatic Preserve Roadkill Fact Sheet

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I am writing to express my concern over the high wildlife mortality that occurs along the portion of US Highway 27 that crosses northwest Lake Jackson in Leon County, Florida. US Highway 27 is a virtually impassable migration barrier to turtles and other wildlife and the road mortality rate and attempted crossings here of turtles is higher than has been documented anywhere else in the world. The loss of large numbers of adult turtles to road mortality is not sustainable and can lead to rapid depletion of populations that will ultimately undermine the proper functioning of the entire lake ecosystem.

I strongly support the creation of an ecopassage along the 4000-foot section of U.S. Highway 27 that crosses Lake Jackson.  The ecopassage should consist of a series of wildlife underpasses connected by a set of wildlife guidewalls, similar to the system recently constructed at Paynes Prairie (near Gainesville, FL) on US Highway 441.  Such a system would divert wildlife away from the travel lanes to safe passages beneath the highway.  The ecopassage will not only make the highway safer for wildlife and protect the Lake Jackson ecosystem, but it will improve motorist safety (by reducing vehicle collisions with wildlife) and enhance the aesthetic character and public enjoyment of the area.

I am asking that you use your authority to secure funding for this worthy project.  I am counting on you and the Florida Department of Transportation to stop the unnecessary killing of Florida wildlife on US Highway 27 and help the people of Florida preserve Lake Jackson's ecosystem.  Thank you for your attention to this important issue.




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