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Lake Jackson Ecopassage Alliance, Inc.                          May 20, 2003

Matthew J. Aresco

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Tallahassee, FL - March 20, 2003. A small stretch of U.S. Highway 27 at Lake Jackson near Tallahassee, Florida has the highest number of attempted road crossings by turtles ever documented in the world: over 8,600 turtles in 33 months.  On Monday, the Tallahassee – Leon County Metropolitan Planning Organization unanimously approved a feasibility study to look at design considerations for an ecopassage along the deadly stretch of highway.  An ecopassage is a series of guidewalls and under-highway culverts that will allow wildlife to pass safely under the roadway.  The $100,000 study, funded by the Florida Department of Transportation, is expected to take about a year.


The Lake Jackson Ecopassage Alliance is a group of concerned citizens and organizations, representing over 9.4 million members.  The Alliance’s mission is to develop broad-based public support, lobby public officials, and work with government agencies to design and secure funding for an ecopassage along the world’s deadliest turtle-killing highway.

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